1968 The Burning Road (Polttava Tie). Tammi Publishers. Novel. The Swedish translation Brännande Väg published1969.

1969 The Engagement of Blood (Verikihlat ). Tammi Publishers. Novel.   

1970 Mari. Tammi Publishers. Novel.

1978 The Crystal Ball of Black Sarah (Mustan Saaran krisallipallo). Tammi Publishers. Novel for children.

1988 Käärmeenkäräjäkivi. Tammi Publishers.

1990 The Black Tango (Musta Tango). Tammi Publishers.

2000 Phuro. Tammi Publishers. Novel.

2008 In love and war (Sodassa ja rakkaudessa). Tammi Publishers. Novel.
2012 Towards Experiential philosophy (Kokemuspohjainen filosofia). Ntamo publishers. English translation of the book published 2/2014

2014 The Seven-String Guitar. Poems 1964-2014 (ntamo publishers)

2.1. Whole night plays

1981 The Black Ribbon (Musta ruoska). Roma theatre group Drom.

1982 The Hungry Cranes (Nälkäkurjet). Drom.

1983 I'll Forge Stone to Be a Horse (Taon kivestä hevosen). Drom.

1984 Iron Nights (Rautayöt). Drom.

1986 Iron Horses (Rautaratsut). Drom.

1991 The God Is Great (Jumala on suuri). Rautalampi. A church play.

1993 Backyard Carmen (Takapihan Carmen). Kuopio. Premiere in the Kuopio Student theatre.

1993 I Will Not Leave My Friend (Kaveria ei jätetä). Premiere in the Christian Institute of Pieksämäki.

1996 The Forest of Women (Naisten metsä). Premiere in the adult education centre of Helsinki.

1997 Love and Mary (Rakkauteni Maria). Oratory. Premiere in the international church festival of Lappeenranta.

19951997 ORLI, Folk opera. Premiere in the City of Imatra and the second version premiered in 1997 in Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.

2004 The Paradise of Gods (Jumalten Paratiisi). Amateur production. Premiere in Snåre Hall, Tammisaari.

2009 BOTOX. A modern play about multicultural Finland. Amateur production. Helsinki.

2011 The God is Great. A new script of the former play (originally written in 1991) about crucifixion of Jesus Christ in modern society. Amateur production. Music: string quartet from Sibelius Academy. Premiere in The Rock Church, Helsinki.

2013 With the Seven-String Guitar. Gipsy cabaret. Amateur production. Premiere in the Alexander Theatre, Helsinki. 


1982 The Road (Tie). Drom.

1983 The Red Horse (Punainen hevonen). Drom.

1985 Black Curls (Mustat kiharat). Drom.

2005 Gipsy Poetry Theatre (Mustalaisrunoteatteri). Helsinki.

2012 Dreams (Sny). Short play performed at Prague's New Stage of the National Theatre as the result of 6-day theatre workshop. 
Part of the project Theatre of Nations: Roma at Nova Scena. 


1974 The Ballad of the Gypsies Mustalaisballadi). Channel 1. Finland.

1979 The Red Garden (Punainen Puutarha). TV-manuscript. Channel 1. The manuscript won 1st prize in the Golden Harp - competition in Dublin 1980.

1980 The Crystal Ball of Black Sarah (Mustan Saaran kristallipallo ) 1980. Listening program to the Swedish radio.

1998 Djengiba. Listening program to Finnish radio. 


1979 The Engagement of Blood (Verikihlat) with Ilkka Vanne.

1991 The King of Töpäri (Töpärin Kingi) with Armas Baltzar and Ilkka Vanne.

1997 Whose son (Kenen poika) 1997. Short movie. Written and directed. 


1994 Karma

1996 ORLI

1999 The Celebration of Blood (Veren juhlat) 

1978 Vappu. Short story on Uma Aaltonen´s anthology The Horse and I. Otava.

Numerous short stories, pamphlets, poems, etc. Published in different newspapers and journals.Written poems since 1964.

Baltzar's poems composed by Toni Edelmann:

1983 Recorded by Vera Telenius

1994 Recorded by Pauliina Pohjanheimo

2001- Lyrics for Drom orchestra 


1975 Exhibition for young artists in Ateneum, Helsinki.

During the 1970's-80's numerous exhibitions in different galleries in Helsinki.

1991 Behind the Iron (Raudan takaa). Exhibition with Oili Marski in the library of Rautalampi.

1991 The Time of the Stone (Kiven aika). Exhibition with Oili Marski in Kuopio, Gallery Vintti.

2004 The Road of Gypsies (Mustalaisten Tie). Photography and visual art exhibition, Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki.

2010 Barvalo Drom - Viable Roma culture. Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki. 
Exhibition presenting Romani history, culture and art; visual art, photography, installations. Initiator and main organizer of the exhibition.
The exhibition presented a collection of my latest art works, part of which reflected the experience of Holocaust by Romani people.

2012- Miranda - a travelling exhibition about the Roma Holocaust. Project director, design and implementation.
Production: Drom Association.
Opening: City of Kouvola 7.3.2012. 
Other venues: Tuusniemi, Mikkeli, Pieksämäki, Lappeenranta, Jyväskylä, Turku, Rauma, Helsinki The National Museum of Finland and Iisalmi. 

2014 Who am I, you ask. (Kysytkö kuka olen?). Exhibition in the Kellarikalleria, Suonenjoki. 

1991 Doctor's house from 15th-18th century, restoration, Rautalampi.

1992 Atelie House, Rautalampi.

2000 American Villa, basic repair into the artist's house, Pohja.

2002 Old school of Brasby, basic repair into modern villa, Karjaa.

2005 Apartment Lönnrotinkatu 23, basic repair, interior design, Helsinki.

2007 Apartment Helsinginkatu 23, basic repair, interior design, Helsinki. 

2007 Writer's Atelier House. Architectural design. Brasby, Karjaa.

2009 Sauna.  Architectural design. Brasby, Karjaa.


1970-1973 Taught literary writing at the adult education centre of Helsinki.

1980-1981 The leading teacher of Roma theatre course in the Theatre academy of Helsinki.

1983-1984 Teacher at Theatre Academy of Helsinki.

1982-1988 The establisher of Roma theatre Group Drom, teacher, director and leader. The theatre originated from Theatre Baltzar, established in 1976.

1989-1991 Various literary writing courses, for example at adult education centre of Sisä-Savo.

1993-1994 Teacher of drama course in the Christian Institute of Pieksämäki.

1995-1996 Art college of Imatra.

1997-1998 Teacher at Theatre Academy of Helsinki.

2011-2012 Pedagogical Director in the research project of Intercultural Experience-based pedagogy, established by Baltzar. See the book "Experience-based philosophy" Humak University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki. The developmental work of the pedagogy is being continued by Drom Association.

2012 International theatre workshop with Czech, Roma and Finnish participants. Teacher-director. Realized as a part of the Czech project Theatre of Nations: Roma at Nova Scena. National Theatre, Prague. 

Also numerous shorter courses.

1969 Research and documentation project about Finnish Roma together with photographer Henrik Schütt.  

2001-2002 Interview research on Roma survivors of Holocaust. Interviews conducted in Sweden, Germany and Italy, 2001 and 2002.


1969-1970 Permanent assistant in newspaper Aftonbladet.

1986-1987 Permanent assistant in newspaper Hyvinkään Sanomat.

1970 Permanent assistant at Nyapressen.

1970-1971 Finnish Gipsy Mission, publicist.

1970-1972 Journalist, newspaper Kotitiellä.

Writings in numerous Finnish newspapers such as Suomen Kuvalehti, Helsingin Sanomat, Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, Aamulehti, Apu, Nyapressen, Kotitiellä, Kirjailija-lehti,Parnasso, Romano Boodos, Latso Diives and local newspapers.


1981 The theatre action of the year. Awarded by Finnish Theatre Center.

1992 The Art award of the Province of Kuopio.

1991 The Culture award of county Rautalampi.

1999 The 3.rd prize in the international "Amico Rom" - competition. Lanciano Italy.

2000 The 2.nd prize in the international "Amico Rom" - competition. Lanciano Italy.

2002 Arvo Turtiainen literature prize.2008 Mikael Agricola medal celebrating 40 years literary career. Helsinki, Tammi publisher.

2012 An honorary title of Cultural Councellor, kulttuurineuvos, granted by the President of Finland Tarja Halonen.

9.1. In Finland

1968 Roma Conference, Helsinki.

1969 The "Novel 69"- event. Old Student House, Helsinki.

Various presentations and lectures during the years 1969-1998, the latest:

1998 University of Jyväskylä, about Romani literature.2000 University of Helsinki, about Finnish literature, together with writers Kjell Westö and Marja-Leena Mikkola.

2007 University of Helsinki, Renvall Institute, about Romani literature.

2008 Helsinki University, Master's programme for Intercultural Encounters, panel discussion about multiculturalism.

2008 About the novel In love and War. Library of Karjaa  and Library of Itäkeskus, Helsinki.

2009 Lecture "The forgotten sufferings of Roma", Hakasalmi Villa, Helsinki.

2010 "Writer, the voice of his people", lecture at the international seminar "the Roma and the Holocaust". The House of Sciences, Helsinki.

Performed at the Finnish Book Fair in different cities regularly since 1970's, the latest performances:

2009 Tampere Book Fair.

2009 Helsinki Book Fair.

9.2. Abroad

1970 Performing at the ceremony of Nordic Council as a representative of Liberal Party's Youth Association, Stockholm.

Various other presentations and lectures during the years 1970-2000, the latest:

1997 A guest of German Roma theatre Pralipe - lecturing about Drom theatre, Hamburg.

2000 Lecture at Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust: Conference on Education, Remembrance and Research. Stockholm.

2004 As a representative of International Romani Writer Association, International Ars Baltica  Conference. Gdansk, Poland.

2005 Umeå University, Sweden. About Romani literature and its situation in Europe.

2006 Nordisk Museum, Stocholm. About meaning of language, culture and literature to Roma identity.

2007 Book Fair in Sibiu, Representing International Roma Writers Association. Romania.

2009 Romskt kulturcentrum, Stockholm. Lecture about the Roma holocaust and the book "In love and war".

2010 Prague international book fair. International writer symposium (among six European writers). Interviewed by PhD Kari Senius (FIN) about the novel "In love and War". Prague.


1967-1974 One of the founders of the Finnish Romani Association, board member.

1968 The Roma Conference, organizer. Helsinki, Finland.

1970- The Finnish Writer Union, member.

1970-1973 The Theatre Society in Helsinki, vice-member.

1970 The Roma children and youth educational fund, founder. Charity gala evenings for its benefit in Helsinki and Tampere, organizer.

1970 First Roma as candidate for Parliamentary elections in Finland, Liberal party.

1971 The Roma housing issues committee, appointed by Finnish Ministry of the Interior, member.

1972 The International Roma conference, one of the organizers. Hanasaari, Finland.

1981- The Finnish Play-writer Union, member.

1987 Representing Finland with Roma theatre Drom at the Theatre Festival in Hamburg 

1989-1992 The Culture board of the town of Karkkila, member.

1989-1992 The Culture Society of the town of Rautalampi, active member.

1992- Rotary club of the town of Suonenjoki, member.

1994- The Arkadia society, member (For the members of the parliament of Finland and for notable culture persons).

1995 Candidate for Parliamentary elections in Finland, Green party.

1999- The member of Finnish Social Democrat Party's YPSY-department.

2000- PEN Society, member. 

2002-2006 International Romani Writers' Association, founder and President.

2002- Drom, Association for Creative Arts and Culture, founder and chairman.

2004 International Romani Writer Conference, organizer. Snåre-Hall, Tammisaari, Finland.
2008- Finnish Cultural Association of Raseborg City, vice-chairman.

2009- A member of the Finnish committee of International Holocaust Task Force (ITF), Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member.

2010 International event The Forgotten Genocide, Helsinki. Event was dedicated to Roma Holocaust and the present situation of European Roma. 
The main event was the seminar Roma and the HolocaustInitiator, project leader and one of the Chairmans of the seminar together with Paavo Lipponen, Pekka Haavisto and Taito Lehmusta.

2010 Slovakian award ceremony "Gipsy Spirit", awarding Slovakian organizations and private persons for outstanding and important work for Roma communities. Acted as one of the five international jurors. Radio Building, Bratislava, Slovakia

2014 The Conscience of Europe project supported by European Unions' Europe for Citizens Programme. A series of events dedicated to the issues of multicultural Europe. The main event The Conscience of Europe, a two-day international conference at the Finnish Parliament. Initiator and director.