Visual arts

As an artits Baltzar is unique. He has created art since 1968. Baltzar has an distinctive and unique style that is rooted in the western modernism. You can also see the gipsy tradition in original colours, shapes and in the materials.

You can see Veijo Baltzar's art in here.
1975 Exhibition for young artists in Ateneum, Helsinki.

During the 1970's-80's numerous exhibitions in different galleries in Helsinki.

1991 Behind the Iron (Raudan takaa) Exhibition with Oili Marski in the library of Rautalampi.
1991 The Time of the Stone (Kiven aika) Exhibition with Oili Marski in Kuopio, Gallery Vintti.
2004 The Road of Gypsies (Mustalaisten Tie) Photography and visual art exhibition, Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki.
2010 Barvalo Drom - Viable Roma culture. Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki. 
Exhibition presenting Romani history, culture and art; visual art, photography, installations. 
Initiator and main organizer of the exhibition.
The exhibition presented a collection of my latest art works, part of which reflected the experience of Holocaust by Romani people.
2012 Miranda - a travelling exhibition about the Roma Holocaust. Project director, design and implementation.
Production: Drom Association.
Opening: City of Kouvola 7.3.2012. 
Other venues: Tuusniemi, Mikkeli, Pieksämäki, Lappeenranta, Jyväskylä, Turku, Rauma, Helsinki The National Museum of Finland and Iisalmi.    
2014 You ask who I am? (Kysytkö kuka olen?). Suonenjoki, Kellarikalleria. 

Architectural Art

Architecture has been a beloved hobby for Baltzar for decades. He is known as an lay architect among his friends. The artist ha built and repaired several atelier houses and there seems to be only many more to come.

See previous work from here. 

Veijo with a saw repairing an old building.